Guided Maine Moose Hunts

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Why Use Outdoor Adventure Co. For Your Guided Moose Hunting Experience?

The State of Maine has the largest moose population in the lower 48. The annual Maine Moose hunt is by lottery.  Applications accepted from February thru May and permits are drawn in June.

The OAC team was responsible for taking the state record Bull Moose with a bow. We will be by your side on a mission to take the largest member of the deer family. Scouting and advanced calling skills are the abilities that will put that bull of a lifetime in your sights. If you are looking to ride the roads and shoot over the hood, call someone else. We strive to make this a true “hunt.” OAC staff guides will work with you to get in position to call and harvest your trophy moose. You waited a long time for the permit, make it worth the persistence. Upon your successful hunt, we will be responsible to get the animal out of the woods and if you would like we can arrange to cape and butcher the animal for an additional fee. Our focus is personal attention and individual accommodation. If you would like to be filmed by a friend or family member for the hunt, we can accommodate this too. We want your quest to be memorable. Book early and come “Live your own Adventure” in Maine.

To apply for a permit online click here. Moose Permit Lottery (

Guided Moose Hunt Package

6 Day Guided hunt (includes sub) $5,950
Outpost $4,950
Semi-Guided (includes sub)$2,950


  • 6-Day Guided package includes lodging and meals out of our main lodge
  • Outpost hunt includes lodging in a wall tent
  • Semi-Guided package does not include lodging or meals. We will provide you with a map that includes locations that we recommend hunting.
  • Non-hunting partners $750 per week

  • American Veterans 10% discount

  • Hunts Require State Licensing
  • Some Locations may be subject to a weekly $ 75.00 land access fee fuel surcharge may apply (MNW)

  • All lodging fees are subject to the present state 9% tax rate.  Weekly camp rentals may be charged a $250 cleaning fee

  • 50% deposit is required on all bookings.  All deposits are non-refundable.


*Gratuities are not included in prices. (Average tips are 10 – 20%)

Embark on Guided Maine Moose Hunting: A Transformative Wilderness Adventure with Outdoor Adventure Co.

Discover the unmatched allure of Guided Maine Moose Hunting as you venture into the heart of Maine’s untamed wilderness with Outdoor Adventure Co. Traverse diverse landscapes that define this premier destination, enveloped by unspoiled beauty. Our Guided Maine Moose Hunting experience offers more than a hunt – it’s an immersion into nature’s grandeur, curated to provide the ultimate adventure. Picture serene lakes, dense forests, and captivating valleys, all meticulously chosen for finest Guided Maine Moose Hunting. The symphony of nature’s melodies accompanies each step, echoing calls of wild birds through woods, making your Guided Maine Moose Hunting journey extraordinary.

Disconnect from the ordinary and reconnect with the primal allure of the outdoors through Guided Maine Moose Hunting. Maine’s changing seasons enhance your experience, with vibrant hues of autumn, snowy winter tranquility, awakening of spring, and lush vibrancy of summer enriching your Guided Maine Moose Hunting journey. Beyond stunning scenery, Maine’s cultural heritage intertwined with Guided Maine Moose Hunting comes alive. Experienced guides, deeply connected to land and Guided Maine Moose Hunting, share tales and insights. Embark on a legacy of exploration, courage, and wild adventure spanning decades in the context of Guided Maine Moose Hunting. The Maine Experience with Outdoor Adventure Co is an invitation to immerse in a timeless, ever-changing world, discover unspoiled landscapes, embrace nature’s symphony, and connect with a heritage resonating deep in Guided Maine Moose Hunting. It’s your adventure story, a testament to the wild’s allure through Guided Maine Moose Hunting.