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Whitetail Hunting With Outdoor Adventure Co.

Maine has a long history of deer hunting.   From the 1800s through the 1950s, Maine was considered a deer hunting Mecca.  The Northeast was the place to hunt for giant whitetails.  It is not uncommon for whitetails to weight over 300 lbs. (Live weight) in Maine.  Located between Wildlife Management Districts (WMD) 17 to the south and WMD14 to the north.  WMD 17 boasts the highest buck harvest in the state with 150 bucks per sq. mile. On the other side of the spectrum, WMD 14 has a buck harvest of 50 per sq. mile with residents that number only 9 per sq. mile.  If you’re an extreme whitetail hunter, WMD14 has plenty of big woods with miles of unbroken forest to challenge your skills once snow is on the ground.  In either district, you have the best Maine can offer.

Whitetail hunting in Maine not for the faint at heart but it will be the one of the best whitetails hunts you can experience in the lower 48.  Maine is blessed with the largest continuous forest east of the Mississippi and a culture that allows hunting on all land that is not posted.  In the southern coastal areas, there are more opportunities for the seasoned archer.  Central and Northern Maine is renowned for hunting giant whitetails on snow.  Both areas will take patients to get the job done.  We like the coastal areas (WMD 20 & 24) for archery and late season on track for Central and Northern areas.  In all situations, our team of dedicated Maine Guides will be scouting without and with the help of cameras to ensure your in the right areas to harvest that trophy.   Our guides deploy premium ladder stands and ground blinds where necessary.   

The Sebec Lake Region is in the middle of big buck country. Maine is known for being one of the largest of the 30 recognized subspecies of whitetails.  At the age of five, a Maine whitetail can reach live weights from 200 to 400 lbs. (the largest buck on record was 355 lbs. dressed, shot in 1955 Solon Maine in WMD 17).

Whitetail Hunt Package

One-On-One Tracking (Fully-Guided) $2,700
Semi-Guided (Stands) $1,700
6 Day (Non-Guided) $1,250


  • Lodging
  • Meals


  • Non-hunting partners $750 per week

  • American Veterans 10% discount

  • Hunts Require State Licensing
  • Some Locations may be subject to a weekly $ 75.00 land access fee fuel surcharge may apply (MNW)

  • All lodging fees are subject to the present state 9% tax rate.  Weekly camp rentals may be charged a $250 cleaning fee

  • 50% deposit is required on all bookings.  All deposits are non-refundable.


*Gratuities are not included in prices. (Average tips are 10 – 20%)