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About Us

Maine has the largest continuous forest east of the Mississippi River.  90 percent (17.8 million acres) of Maine is forested, the highest percentage of any state.  This includes 12 million acres in the northern part of Maine that is home to the Outdoor Adventure Company.  Maine is the only state in the union with Canada to the west, north and east.  Its size is where Maine got the nickname “the Big Woods.”  The Outdoor Adventure Company leases over 30,000 acres specifically for bear hunting and has access to all 3.5 million acres in the Maine North Woods during Moose, Deer, and Grouse seasons.  Turkey season sees the OAC team traversing the central and southern counties to hunt secured farms and public hunting areas.  Our 700-acre base camp and farm are in Guilford, Maine on the Sebec shore road with access to Sebec Lake.

Meet The Team

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Jayson is the founder and co-owner of OAC. He likes to spend most of his free time in the woods of Maine and South Carolina when he is not in the gym. Jake and his wife Laurel have three grown children (Colin, Jae, Maxwell, and three grandchildren Emma, Liam, and Anze). Jake is a retired US Army Officer. His military background spanned over 35 years (Guard, Reserve and Active) and included assignments with medical units as a combat medic and physical therapy technician, logistics, communications, and Public Affairs. While in the infantry, Jayson had assignments as a Support Platoon Leader and Communications Officer working in remote areas of the American Southwest and foreign countries such as Iceland. LTC Allain is a combat veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom. Jake deployed with the 48th IBCT, Georgia National Guard as an Information Operations officer under the 82nd Airborne and as a subject matter expert on wireless communications working with Special Operations. Jayson is also a certified Army master fitness trainer, wrestling coach and former advisor at the University of New Hampshire. Jayson was a standout athlete in high school and a former member of the 1979 and 1982 US Wrestling World Team, competing for the United States in Baghdad Iraq and Oviedo Spain. A lifelong resident of Maine, Jayson is the grandson of Fred P. Hall, one of York County's well-known hunting families. He enjoys being an extremely physical hunter and has shot over fifty whitetails on the ground and many more from the stand. He thinks nothing of hunting and hiking all day in remote areas where the chances of taking trophy game. Jayson has hunted in ME, NH, VT, NY, PA, MD, GA, SC, AL, New Brunswick, and Manitoba Canada. He has guided trophy Deer, Moose, Bear, and Turkey in Maine for over 35 years with the Outdoor Adventure Company. Jayson is a Master Registered Maine Hunting Guide and freelance writer who has written numerous articles on hunting in the Northern New England States.

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Nate is co-owner of OAC and resides in the heart of southern Maine. Making his living as a Quality supervisor at a gypsum board manufacturing facility in Portsmouth NH. Nate and his son Tyler (who is currently serving in the US Navy) have a unique hunting bond. Being a Maine guide is a family old tradition with the enjoyment of taking sportsmen and sportswomen to the field or on the water to help make their dream outdoor experiences come true. Honesty, integrity, and loyalty are core values. "No matter where I have hunted one of my greatest joys is getting into a remote area where there is little to no hunting pressure and observing game acting naturally in their environment". Whether on the Track on a snowy Maine day or in a tree stand sitting all day with a bow outwitting game on their own terms pays off extraordinary dividends. Nathan is also the owner of Buck Reaper and The former co-host of Northwoods Adventures TV show on the sportsman channel for ten years. Nate is a well know public figure in the outdoor industry. His hunting and guiding skills rate among the best in the country. Nate has successfully guided clients to trophy game throughout the State of Maine. In 2004, he guided the current Maine state archery record for a bull moose. A truly gifted hunter, Nate has successfully hunted Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, Missouri, and Iowa. He has authored many articles on hunting in New England for several regional magazines. Nate has also been on the pro-staff of many outdoor industry products and routinely is sought after for consulting and seminars.

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Tyler Fenderson was raised in his home state of Maine the Heart of New England. Tyler started his hunting career at age six in New Hampshire where there was no age restriction. Tyler’s first outdoor experience was hunting wild turkey with a muzzleloader shotgun being videoed for North Woods Adventures TV as a junior host. Since then, Tyler has been hooked on hunting and the outdoors. Tyler has a deep passion and respect for the outdoors. He enjoys helping educate others while encouraging them to get involved and get outdoors. Tyler has completed multiple seminars in large groups through the years sharing his experiences when he was a youth hunter. One question that always came up being asked was what type of game Tyler liked to hunt most? Tyler responded, “Each game animal has its own set of challenges, but outsmarting a mature whitetail has to be the hardest and most rewarding on snow or in a stand.” Tyler is the Co-owner of “Buck Reaper” and “North American Tracker” social media pages and YouTube channels. Tyler is developing as a social media personality & influencer. When Tyler graduated Kennebunk Highschool, he signed up to Serve his country in the Navy. Tyler was stationed on the Aircraft carrier USS GEORGE H.W. BUSH. as an AO. Through his service at home or on deployment Tyler has been awarded multiple commendations & awards for his service to his country. Tyler is still currently active duty in the United States Navy. Tyler has positioned himself scheduled to take the Maine & New Hampshire Guides License tests for 2024. Tyler has worked multiple years before he went into the military as an apprentice for OAC guide service, learning to become a guide in the Big Woods. Tyler goal is to help build OAC the number #1 guide service in Maine to new heights with the introduction of New Hampshire to the fold. One of Tylers belief’s is "You have to color outside the lines, once in a while, if you want to make your life a masterpiece". Learning and developing while helping to create lasting memoires is success for a fulfilled life.